Carburetor Float (Marvel Schebler)
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Allis Chalmers - Fits: Some: D19; Replaces: 4511814, 4513488, 74055431, 4055431, 1127400 
Case - Fits: 713B, Some: 400, 410, 410B, 411, 411B, 412, 413, 415, 425, 500B, 510B, 511B, 530, 530 Construction King, 530CK, 540B, 541, 545, 600B, 610B, 611B, 614B, 680CK, 700, 710, 710B, 711, 711B, 712, 712B, 713, 715, 715B, 725B, 730, 730 Comfort King, 730 Draft-O-Matic, 730CK, 740, 741, 742, 743, 744, 800, 810, 810B, 811, 811B, 812, 812B, 813, 813B, 815, 815B, 830, 830 Comfort King, 830 Draft-O-Matic, 840, 841, 842, 843, DC, DC-3, DC-4, DCS, DEX, DH, DI, DI/NAR, DO, DO-VS, DO/STD, DOEX, DV, W5, W7, W7C, W9A; Replaces: G45103, G11190, A20624, A7777, B51773 
Fits John Deere - Some: 4030; Replaces: AT14097, AT13172T, AT17631, AH11983, AT13127T, AT11756T, AP21255, AP19947 
Marvel Schebler - Replaces: 30-621 
Massey Ferguson - Fits: Some: 175, 303, 65, 85, 88, Super 90 
Massey Harris - Fits: Some: 102 Sr, 201, 202, 203; Replaces: 204915M1, GK4001, 186602M92, 6388A, 6688A, 6288A, 6376A, 6709A 
Minneapolis Moline - Fits: Some: 5 Star, GB, GT, GTA, GTB, GTC, GVI, M5, M504, M602, M604, M670, U, UB, UB Special, UBE, UBN, UT, UTC, UTE, UTI, UTN, UTS, UTU; Replaces: 10A22717, 10A15157, LE806, KE817P 
Oliver - Fits: Some: 1600, 1650, 1655, 1800, 99, 900, OC-12 
White - Fits: Some: 2-70; Replaces: 104726AS, AS-7605, 7AS393A, AS393F, AS393G, AC9366, AS393H, 22972 
Carb Mfg #`s - : TSX104, TSX105, TSX106, TSX11, TSX123, TSX135, TSX160, TSX162, TSX168, TSX176, TSX185, TSX196, TSX208, TSX216, TSX238, TSX249, TSX257, TSX259, TSX268, TSX27, TSX276, TSX27A, TSX303, TSX307, TSX310, TSX342, TSX355, TSX364, TSX369, TSX373, TSX383, TSX384, TSX385, TSX389, TSX394, TSX396, TSX399, TSX411, TSX415, TSX433, TSX440, TSX441, TSX457, TSX467, TSX477, TSX482, TSX485, TSX488, TSX491, TSX499, TSX538, TSX548, TSX581, TSX591, TSX604, TSX607, TSX609, TSX616, TSX62, TSX621, TSX624, TSX625, TSX629, TSX640, TSX644, TSX647, TSX654, TSX659, TSX666, TSX666-1, TSX669, TSX67, TSX677-1, TSX68, TSX685, TSX693, TSX715, TSX717, TSX726, TSX726-1, TSX734, TSX740, TSX749, TSX751, TSX759, TSX779, TSX780, TSX782, TSX783, TSX785, TSX786, TSX786-1, TSX794, TSX795, TSX805, TSX807, TSX81, TSX817, TSX82, TSX821, TSX823, TSX824, TSX837, TSX838, TSX839, TSX842, TSX848, TSX852, TSX855, TSX859, TSX863, TSX868, TSX874, TSX876, TSX880, TSX890, TSX901, TSX916, TSX918, TSX93, TSX969SL, TSXU837, TSXU838, TSXU839, TSXU840 
Fits the listed Marvel Schebler carbs*** For Marvel Schebler carbs DIMENSIONS = from center of pin hinge to end of pontoon = 2.575 length******Make sure to find your carb manufacturer number in the list above. If your number is not in this list, this float is not the correct float for your application.

  • Item #: ABC361

Carburetor Float (Marvel Schebler)

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